Month: November 2015

Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaa – Chapter 31

Korean guys have a fetish for being called oppa (older brother). Too bad Saeyong’s a noona! Jang-Mi’s also Taebong’s noona, so that’s probably why he stopped and looked kind of sad/confused at the end of that scene.

Now that we’re all caught up to the raws, we’ll just update whenever new chapters come out. I’m not even sure what the Korean release schedule is like. If someone could tell me for sure, that would be great…

Happy Thanksgiving to American readers! It’s my favorite holiday… yum!


We’re Back – Chapters 23-30

Did you all really think that we’d stop for good? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. I’m not totally stupid, of course it would be difficult to get those sites to comply, but if I just asked with no threats, nothing would have happened. It’s only been a week, there’s no need for rude words or whiny behavior 😛 for a lot of other series, you’d be lucky to even one chapter a week. Here’s eight. We don’t ask for donations, and you’re not paying for this content, so it probably wouldn’t be wise to insult the people who are spending their time to give you fun stuff to read. Just sayin’.

Anyways, here are the rest of the chapters! What do you think about the story so far? Homegirl needs to get herself a good rape whistle. She’s a creeper magnet.

Stop the Insanity (or just stop the troll)

Alrighty, when we started this project I never thought that so many people would read it. I’m so glad that so many people can enjoy this webtoon! I personally really like the story, and the artwork’s not too shabby either. I hope you’re enjoying the series so far.

I’ve even noticed our work popping up on manga aggrandizement sites. Now I don’t really care *that* much that someone’s posting up our work without asking us for permission first… but the thing is, the first 2 chapters for many of these sites are the “troll” chapters where someone copied our work and added an incorrect credits page and absolutely defamatory message at the end regarding Yomanga. I’ve tried emailing these sites (Batoto, MangaPark, MangaHere, MangaFox, Manga Collection, etc) trying to get them to remove the 2 offending chapters, but I haven’t gotten a response back, and it’s been several days. So here’s the solution: it would be very helpful if you all as readers could email, make a forum post, comment on the websites, etc. to ask these sites to remove those 2 chapters. In their place, they can use the “real” first two chapters. They’ve been taking the rest of the chapters, so I’m sure they can find where Chapters 1 and 2 are as well.

Until those 2 troll chapters are removed, I’m sad to say that I will not continue to post any new chapters. All of us will continue to translate and edit chapters, but will not post them. Once the offending chapters are replaced, we will release everything that we have. I am absolutely furious that someone decided to steal our work and use it to defame another Scanlation group.

I hope that this issue can be resolved quickly.

Chapters 21&22

I’ll start making a post every time I upload new chapters so it’s easier to see when updates are.

So… Taebong is such an adorkable cutie pie. Of all the Korean webtoon MCs [you know the kind I’m talking about 😉 ] he’s got to be my favorite. On another hand, I hope Koreans don’t see all Americans as blonde, hairy, horny, jerks like the photographer. So cringe.

Filling in the Gaps + Reading on

Well, now we’ve caught up to the first 4 chapters we’ve done (14-17). Eugene was hard at work getting the translations for the last 5 chapters out and I caught up to my cleaned chapters. Releasing new chapters will depend on how well real-life cooperates, and how addicting Fallout 4 will prove to be *cough*. Anybody skipping work/school in order to play?

Leguron has started uploading chapters to Right now, it’s incorrectly under the group “Yomanga” but will be changed shortly to “LEC Group” (our initials, get it?) I have no idea how to work (don’t even have an account) so I leave that to the people who know better. With that being said, the chapters will be posted on WordPress first, so if you want to read them as soon as they come out, I think you can subscribe and it’ll send you notifications.

Just some Notes…

If you see in the Menu on top of the page, you’ll see several H-Mate chapters.

I know that recently several of my chapters have been uploaded to different Manga sharing websites with a troll message saying in order to read more you have to donate to Yomanga. THIS IS FALSE. I’ve tried emailing admins to take down the chapters, but haven’t heard anything yet. As soon as I finish a new chapter I will upload it on my imgur and WordPress ASAP.

I’m working with Leguron to provide raws and Eugene (Canon5460) for translations. We’re all working our hardest so if there is a gap of a few days between updates, it’s because we have real-life stuff going on!

Leave a comment, leave a question, or just enjoy the chapters.


First Post

Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to start a WordPress to make it easier to communicate with you guys, and also to make a place for you to leave comments if you wish.