Month: December 2015

Taebong Eats Frosted Flakes – Chapter 37

I don’t know why, I just like spotting little details like the box of Frosted Flakes on the dining table. Ramen > Cereal when it comes to breakfast food for me though.

As always, here’s another cliffhanger chapter. Next time I’ll post it’ll be the year 2016! Happy New Year’s to everyone reading 🙂


Porn and Feels – Chapter 36

Looks like we’ve finally come to the end of this arc. Hopefully it’ll be safe to look starting next chapter. I wonder how awkward it’ll start to get around the apartment after this. To be fair to Taebong, he didn’t know that George is an almost-rapist jerk, and he got a girlfriend, so he probably thought that Jang Mi got a boyfriend too. Can’t really fault him for not running in and punching George in the face, no matter how much I would have loved to see that. Poor Taebong at the end of the chapter though.

On another, weirder note, I just realized that George and the ex-boyfriend from Drug Candy share a lot of similar traits. They’re both blonde, manipulative, and love to dominate/train. The candy girl is Jang Mi in the future! Would you guys like to see an H-Mate X Drug Candy mashup?

We’re Not Dead – Chapter 34

I don’t understand rumors that we’ve been shut down or DCMA-ed because if you’re reading this, then that definitely means that we’re not shut down. We never have had our releases on Yomanga nor do we ever plan to have our releases on Yomanga, so please don’t look there for news on releases.

And please stop asking when the next releases will be. The only people who will be able to tell you with 100% certainty are either myself or Eugene, and if you ask us, our answer will always be “whenever we get raws and have the time to work on it.”

With that being said, here’s another chapter of H-Mate. Looking forward to what’s going to happen next week!

Study study study, school is your buddy – Chapters 32&33

To all the students out there, good luck on your end-of-semester exams. Curves are good, whether they be curves on a woman or curves on a test 😛

Here’s two chapters of H-Mate. I can’t stand this cliffhanger. What do you think Taebong’s going to do?

EDIT: Please don’t ask when the next chapter will be out. It will be out when we get raws and the time to translate it. That could be tomorrow, it could be 2 weeks from tomorrow. We don’t know.