Rage Cliffhanger Alert – Chapter 35

Yeah… if you like raging and you like cliffhangers, then this is the chapter for you. As you can tell from the title of this post, pretty much nothing happens. Sorry if you’ve been spoiled.

Please try not to use profanity in the comments. Thanks.


24 thoughts on “Rage Cliffhanger Alert – Chapter 35

    1. poor, really? He is in fact enjoying it. He love himself to be in agony, pain, etc. I just hope it didn’t turn stupid like netoraserare, hahahaha. Well let’s just see the next few chapter, if it turn worse then I will not read this anymore.


  1. I hate this chapter. It makes me want to not read this anymore. I just want the mc and that girl to be together and quit messing around. She should know better and now it’s just gonna be him trying to make her jealous.


    1. well, I actually don’t care who she want to fuck but the MC is just so perverted that it is not amusing anymore. I mean he should just leave the apartment for a bit or enter his room, or even get them out of his apartment. But he didn’t do any of that, he just masturbating while “delightfully” watching the show…


    2. Umm… they can never end up together now. This just crossed that line. What are they gonna say in ten years? “Hey remember that time I jerked off to you and George banging?” The only real outcome I see here is supporting her and George… since she’s clearly into his particular style of douchebag. And Taebong and blue hair. Taebong and her ship is sailed


    3. Same as me too. But that ship is starting to sink. So im having second thoughts bout continuing to read this. Makes me pissed off when she fucks around with other assholes and not taebong…


      1. since the beginning of this webtoon, i never think that Taebong and Jang Mi’s relationship will ever go beyond friend. And what makes me so disappointed was what Taebong did there. For me it is fine if he just get out of his house for couple of hours before going back, or entering his bedroom and sleep, or pretending as if nothing happen and watch tv, or even confronting them and kick them out. But what he did was one of the worst action possible. It is his house and it was used like a love hotel by the freeloader and George, if I were Taebong I will kill both of them because they don’t respect me as the house owner.


  2. I am new to this site, landed here by way of yomanga. I just have to say to Chloeponi that you are doing an amazing job! The translation is above what we are used to, and you seem to respect and hold true to the integrity of the storyline no matter how disappointing it might turn out to be for some.

    As for this particular storyline, although I was all for Taebong and Jang Mi finding their way into each others’ arms, I now realize this might not be possible. For Jang Mi is discovering her true nature, and I don’t know if Taebong can be the answer.

    It is sad however that Neanderthal George is the one to show her the way to embracing her true nature, for his rapist tendencies and his belief that she needs “to be tamed” are setting off all kinds of warnings in my mind. Remember his blond gf and the way he treats her and cheats on her?

    George is a professional d*ckmatiser.
    His lovers are d*ckmatized by his knowledge of women’s bodies and his ability to effectively use his rather impressive d*ckmatizing tool, i.e. his d*#k. This however does not make him any less of a jerk and misogynistic pig. Jang Mi is heading towards a world of psychological pain where her daily physical degradations will in no way beguet her the loyalty and love of that d*ckmatizing excrement jerk.

    I am sorry for the long post, thank you for allowing me this little moment of expressing my rage at the fact that Taebong and Jang Mi very likely are not meant to be, and my burning utter disappointment that I won’t probably be seeing Taebong getting into full dom mode and mercilessly spanking that a$$… unless… George is intent on inviting him in and we are heading for a ménage-à-trois?!


      1. It is derived from victimized. Women who let aggressive men get away with much, at times even putting their well-being and safety on the line, because of their addiction to that particular d*-k. For example, Rihanna and Sh!t Brown; that girl was d*-kmatized.

        … And I just noticed that my vocabulary is colorful. So I’ll try and keep my @&!$@&! to a minimum.

        Looking forward to reading more on this site!


  3. well whatever plot this manga had it just went poof.Cant really take seriously the chars when they are portrayed this way.Its just a hentai with the usual cuck male MC and female MC that is somehow addicted to random dude’s D.It is straight out from hentai really.If you noticed George noticed the MC watching,,,,if this goes like classic hentai then George gonna keep taming the heroine and ask male MC to watch and weird stuff like this…
    Gonna wait a couple chapters more to see if it goes like this,and if it is then gonna drop it….most hentais have same plot like this whats the point.
    P.S anyone else found the last chapters extremely funny?Especially this chap when she says ”there is force deep down that i cannot stop” or sth like this …..LMAO line straight out of 3rd rate porn movie haha


  4. yeah, if Jang Mi & Taebong gonna be together at last. I’m sure there will be a lot of obstacle and a lot of man like George will coming upon them. There will be a long long way to go. This is not borderline-H at all, its just a pure hentai with intense plot.


    1. Not gonna happen, there won’t be any future if they are together. If they end up together, it will be another netoraserare lol. What I can see after this is Jang Mi will be completely dominated by George. From this point there will be several possibilities, but the most probable are:
      1. He left her after she become a completely broken doll that can’t be satisfied with normal sex anymore.
      2. He doesn’t left her but never use her anymore, instead, he passed her around his foreigner friends.


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