Month: January 2016

I’ll Have What She’s Having – Chapter 41

Oh boy, George got his hands on some crazy LSD-mad genie-potion. Nothing good can come from this… right?

Sorry for the delay this week, guys. Real life stuff got in the way.

For people who don’t get the reference in the title of this post, watch this:


Separate Ways – Chapter 40

Looks like everyone’s moving on now.

For everyone back at school – good luck on the new semester! Make sure that you get plenty of sleep.

Fail English – Chapter 39

There is some serious fail English in this chapter. But it was too funny so I left it in. Hopefully you all can still understand what’s going on!

It’s a pretty boring chapter all around, but George’s crazy pervert face is going to haunt me all night long…

Moving On – Chapter 38

Well, looks like everyone’s moving on with their lives. Surprisingly, it was Jang-Mi who had to tell Taebong to stop thinking about her (again) and concentrate on his actual girlfriend. I don’t think she’s an altogether bad person. Doesn’t everyone like a happy cuddle at the end of the day? 🙂

Let’s see what more drama the author can conjure up next week!