Moving On – Chapter 38

Well, looks like everyone’s moving on with their lives. Surprisingly, it was Jang-Mi who had to tell Taebong to stop thinking about her (again) and concentrate on his actual girlfriend. I don’t think she’s an altogether bad person. Doesn’t everyone like a happy cuddle at the end of the day? 🙂

Let’s see what more drama the author can conjure up next week!


17 thoughts on “Moving On – Chapter 38

  1. And the show must go on…. 😀
    I don´t think she made that decision based on what she believed is right, she just realized she had the best time of her life. There´s no way that this will end good for her but the pleasure is guaranteed for a while. She just likes the thrill and at least George is confident in what he does and doesn´t care about relationshps and stuff, maybe thats what she seeks now that Taebong has a girlfriend.
    And Taebong, even if he tries to focus on Saeyong, in the next few chapters its also guaranteed that he will suffer a lot more…

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  2. Jangmi gonna left the house, that is the best for both of them at this moment
    After this chapter, I think that may be is that what Taebong said is little bit too late ???
    or what happen with Taebong’s ex-girlfriend make Jangmi said that she have feeling for him but know he have girlfriend and she don’t want to be person who ruin it again
    And about Jangmi call Geogre may lead to quite complicated in the future,
    to think that what she said to Taebong can be seen that she know what she is doing and she also know Geogre is an bastard but she still call him
    Is that she want to find out what she really need, is that she really pervert that much??? can’t predict that much

    Thank for chapter and looking forward for next week chapter to see what gonna happen


  3. I think Tae bong will end up with saeyong or probably a new character. Ending up with Jang mi I just don’t think is gonna happen. Knowing Jang mi was moaning louder with someone like george would always be at the back of Tae bong mind. I just don’t think being with Jang mi would be healthy for him.

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    1. Both of them gonna end up with their half, i think they will find out who they truly love
      Taebong may end up with Saeyong but i think it is not fair for her at all
      Jangmi keep meeting George and she will realize that with George she is no more than a sex toy
      Jangmi end up with Taebong is may not happen but i still believe that they gonna end up together :


  4. meh even if she just wants sex with no relationship does she really gotta go with George?Cant she go out at a bar with a female friend of hers and find a good looking guy or sth??Does she really gotta do it with the rapist guy that prolly is a moving STD bank?lol

    Well she gonna keep meeting george till he completely tame her,humiliate her,maybe he gets her some ”jobs” for money and when she feels that she had enough and feel crap about herself she gonna run back to mc to get her confidence boost that she is not a skank but a good girl.

    Not to mention george gonna ask Tae to come watch sometime for sure…….Really hope the mc could just trully move on,but no because the MC is an idiot cuck fetish dude ;/
    Wonder how the story gonna go,but seems like it is a pure hentai one^^.


  5. Eh, I think people are ruling out Jang Mi and Taebong a little too much. Really what this chapter tells me is that they’ll be apart for a while until they figure out what it is that they want. I can definitely see Taebong changing how he views sex and how he performs during sex to fit with Jang Mi’s kinks, while I think Jang Mi will eventually want a real relationship as opposed to just empty sex.


  6. I think Taebong will end with Hye Mi. I realy trust in her come back. i don’t know why lol.
    Jang Mi look like a girl who doesn’t know what love is. Saeyong really love him but we know Tae don’t love her the same way and he’s still haunted by Hye Mi in his dream.

    Sorry for my english. Not my first language.


  7. Like always, thank you for translating!

    I don’t want Taebong and Jangmi to end up together. So far, I’m really liking Saeyong but feel bad for her. Taebong’s mind is on another woman while he’s in bed with her. She’s sweet though, if they don’t end up together, I hope she still gets a good end (though I know this will focus on Taebong & Jangmi a lot more, obviously).


  8. Notice how the girl in that last panel on her knees is NOT George’s blonde amazon girlfriend.

    Professional photographer likes to professionally train different pets to better serve his ego.

    The kind of a**hole I would definitely like to high-five.
    In the face.
    With a brick.

    Happy New Year and again, thank you so much for the free scanlation.


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