Fail English – Chapter 39

There is some serious fail English in this chapter. But it was too funny so I left it in. Hopefully you all can still understand what’s going on!

It’s a pretty boring chapter all around, but George’s crazy pervert face is going to haunt me all night long…


15 thoughts on “Fail English – Chapter 39

  1. So I’m guessing the next few chapters will cover George and Jang-mi while Taebong tries to move on as Jang-mi falls farther and farther into this particular kink/lifestyle. I hopei t doesn’t go at the plodding pace it has been going at since the last few chapters. Other webtoons cover way more in the same number of pages.

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  2. Didn’t notice too many fails in English, but then again, I kinda skimmed through it. Looks like more George-Jang Mi for now. I wonder what the point is of this other girl?


  3. So Jangmi on the way finding who she really is ??? hope she can realize that soon after few “bang bang” with George and may be Taebong gonna be VVIP guest who watch that few times..hope that not gonna go that way

    Taebong definitely is trying to move on but everyone know he could not do that but the thing I want to see is how he can have courage to face that and tell Saeyong about does he really have feeling for her or she is just replacement for him when he does not have Jangmi ???…


    1. I hope you are not right about the VIP guest think….
      But I think Saeyong is just a replacement for now. But we will see what the future brings for all of them while they try to figure out what desires they have. I just hopoe that the Jang-Mi with George think ends soon. 😀


  4. it’s still perceivable, the fail one, and as always thanks for the hardwork LEC
    BTW I was laughing at the “SON OF [A] B!T#H” bubble << for the letter A is so small I almost could not see it


  5. I really hope the next (few) chapters will be Georges last chapters. Whatever she saw in him, or whatever she wants from him, after this chapter she has to realize what kind of guy he is. But OK her true goal today is to realize that she is a “pervert” 😀 For me it would be the worst case scenario if she sleeps with him in the next chapter after she saw his girlfriend now. But I thinkk it will go the way Star Hercury wrote.

    So thanks again for uploading this chapter. And by the way does anyone know if the Author or Artist published other works? I couldn´t find any details regarding them?

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    1. Same here, I really hate George. I don’t understand what’s she trying to proof also.

      I’m also wondering who is the author. In Mangaupdate, it’s showing N/A as an author.


  6. Well I think she wants to find out what sexual desires she has, and even if she doesn´t like the fact, she realized she had a gread time with George….But it´s just sad to watch, both Taebong and Jang-Mi like each other but at the same time they are to scared from each other. I think Jang-Mi said it somewhere, that she has no luck with her boyfriends (the last one and George confirm it) and she doesn´t want to lose Taebong, thats why she friendzoned him. She probably called George a pervert this whole chapter to justify what she is about to do but it would be really disappointing if she sleeps with George after that Penny scene, I don´t want to see her get toyed around that much (after he tamed her), but it will probably happen. But then again, I think this Manhwa will end soon after this George thing is over.


    1. May be Jangmi got drugged and not willing to do that but she definitely sleeps with Geogre
      But that just Jangmi and Geogre know, how can Taebong know that ??? Jangmi call him to confess or Geogre call him ???


      1. Na, I don´t think that he will use drugs, and there is no need to, either. He will probably force himself on her again like the first time and she will give in or sweettalk her in doing it with him after Penny leaves. I wouldn´t be suprised if the initiative comes this time from Jang-Mi. And after this, she will tell Taebong about her new “boyfriend” or he will see them walking somewhere together or sleeping again in his apartment.


  7. Imaginations about next scenarios come even worst
    Thinking about Geogre and Jangmi hand in hand, have sex in Taebong apartment, Taebong watch and masturbate again…=.=!


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