Separate Ways – Chapter 40

Looks like everyone’s moving on now.

For everyone back at school – good luck on the new semester! Make sure that you get plenty of sleep.


14 thoughts on “Separate Ways – Chapter 40

  1. Hard to get a good read on this man; George. I mean, obviously, he’s really into sex, but there’s something else there…Any thoughts?


    1. Well, he´s probably just a steppingstone for Jang Mi. He lives his desires out and probably just stays true himself. Can´t say that I like him but he never lied or did something in that direction. He will help Jang Mi to grow and become more selfaware off her desires, but I don´t think or just hope that she will dumb him before he hurts her too much.


  2. After this chapter I have different point of view about George
    What he tell Jangmi is definitely kind of seduction
    I have to say he is right =)))) he is right about physical contact and love
    But what I wonder is his actions in this chapter…he put sex on first, he even admitted he is king of pervert
    so what is after his actions in this chapter…to have sex with Jangmi ??? ( what he seem disappointed when he did last time in Taebong apartment )
    About Taebong and Saeyong relationship seen going well this chapter but
    What Taebong is thinking when have sex with her in toilet ??? thinking about Jangmi again =.=!
    Thís relationship gonna end faster than i thought
    Both Jangmi and Taebong is waving now

    And What is the meaning of this chapter’s title ???
    What Jangmi respond to George, What Taebong explain to Saeyong??? What is their decision
    A lot of confusion come up in this chapter


    1. I thing both George and Saeyong are there to help Taebong and Jang Mi to realize there desires. Saeyong is definitly more likeable than George, but George helps Jang Mi in a way, and in the end the MCs just took different directions to reach probably the same conclusions.


  3. Ahhh… and he sweet talks her in doing it with him. Last chapter I wasn´t 100 % sure, but now it really feels like they will sleep together in the next chapter, but Georges smiling face… he knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. And Taebong… wow exciting situation. But the again, maybe Jang Mi will dump George after she gets what she wants in the next few chapters.


  4. I dont really like George bcoz he is clearly a villain and love rough sex like Christian Grey. He led Jang Mi to become his Masochist and I’m really sure he will do her a lot of time later. Its sounds ridiculous when Jang Mi said that she want to find her true self, its like her life is just devote for sex? Like love is just about sex? I know this is a “porn with plot” manga but writer knows how to make reader frustrating. He/she knows that reader really want Taebong & Jangmi got together but its really looks impossible for me. Why Taebong loves girl like her, just get married with Saeyong already.

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out 🙂
      I knew the chapter was out for a few days now and yesterday i tried searching for the raw since i couldn’t bear the anticipation. Wasn’t able to find it though.
      But this solves everything =) Spanish people sure a quick with their scans..


      Can’t believe he actually drugged her…. He hasn’t done anything to her yet aside from dressing her up but this could get dark very quick. Not liking that at all :O
      On the brightside she maybe starts to realize that taebong might mean more to her .. well she dreams about anal punishment from him for now haha XD


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