I’ll Have What She’s Having – Chapter 41

Oh boy, George got his hands on some crazy LSD-mad genie-potion. Nothing good can come from this… right?

Sorry for the delay this week, guys. Real life stuff got in the way.

For people who don’t get the reference in the title of this post, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-bsf2x-aeE


18 thoughts on “I’ll Have What She’s Having – Chapter 41

  1. I was just randomly checking this side and whoops an update, thanks again for this chapter 😀

    But hmmm… I´m actually spechless. I would have never guessed that he would use drugs, but than again it seemed like she aktually enjoyed it and in the next chapter they will most likely be back to action. And I don´t think Jang-Mi will say somesthing like: “No stop it“, rather than that she will probably go with the flow and let George do what he wants to do. Maybe she will regret coming to Georges place after that but I think she will enjoy it. But I found it really interesting to have another look inside her inner feelings, another “proof” that she actually likes Taebong, that she at least desires him, and coming to George might really just to be to sort out her feelings, just to understand herself better. But next stop Taebong – Saejong slap chapter, what will probably take place at the same time.


    1. George masochism level go beyond everyone imagination’s
      Jangmi definitely enjoy it anyway, but how she can get out this damn hole that she dig it up by herself to come back with Taebong…
      Taebong, Saeyong break up is unavoidable but how Taebong and Jangmi back together
      Will Jangmi tell Taebong or George tell it by himself…and Taebong gonna cut George dick off :))))


      1. Yeaha, I have no Idea how this George thing could end…
        Taebong got himself a Girlfriend because Jang-Mi didn´t want to go out with him, now she slowly discovers that she wants actually more from him but for that she needed Georges “help”…
        I mean she got involved with him, even so she didn´t like him from the start, after she got raped by her ex. After that she ends up sleeping with him, enjoys it and went out with him. And now… she probably gets raped a second time (or maybe not, but I don´t think that George will let it end here), but I don´t think she will see it as rape, rather it will end like their first time. But lets see if she will really tell Taebong that she went to see George again, I can´t picture that. Maybe it´s really George who will tell Taebong about him and Jang-Mi, or the Author will pull out something unexpected. But I do think that if Taebong really slaps Saeyong in the next chapter, he will become characterwise more like George… hope not 😀


  2. woah, this guy is doing the classic ntr route. Using drugs and aphrodisiacs to give pleasure that is absolutely impossible for mc to outdo and then associating with him.
    If only she had been honest with the mc but, this guy… slow claps.


    1. I really surprise about George masochism level
      But i think it not come to ntr route or at lease he definitely can not use drug to do it again…


  3. thanks for the chapter LEC

    wait whut? I kind of suspect Jang-mi has bitchy tendency, but it is far beyond my prediction
    tsk..tsk.. this woman will seek anything (or anyone) just to plug her part down there


  4. Oh god!!!
    My prediction is right…she got drug
    And she got an illusion having anal sex with TAEBONG =)))))
    Definitely George gonna bang her one or few times next chapter, and she could not resist or at least she will realize person who have sex with her is not Taebong
    Glad to see that Jangmi have feeling for Taebong
    I just curious about:
    What reaction Jangmi have when she wake up?
    What she gonna do to end relationship with George?
    Will she gonna call Taebong for help when she did not cut off George by herself?
    How Taebong gonna explain with Saeyong and what is she reaction after that?


  5. Thanks for this release…
    My prediction : she gonna be sex friend or slave to George, no love included despite of everlasting partner that she seeks > after a few chap, george got bored of her > he saw MC happy with Saeyong > after some BS, Saeyong also gonna end up like Jangmi and leave Taebong > MC breaks down, but Jangmi comforts him due to George doesn’t need her anymore, he got a new toy(lol) > Happy ending as Jangmi got her wish, the end???


    1. But what would happen to George. Unless, Saeyong mind breaks, and during a steamy session, she bites off his dick and eats it saying she always wants a piece of him in her. This is actually the ending of a particular ntr story.


  6. Thank you for the update!

    And no, this is not good at all. This in the civilized world is the very definition of date rape, or the Cosby Asswack Syndrome if you will.

    It was quite clear that she was interested in getting physical with the skeevy photographer on her own CONSCIOUS and consenting will. The moment he drugged her without her knowledge, is the exact moment he robbed her of CONSENT.

    The fact that the drug has also hallucinatory and aphrodisiac effects does in no way make this any less rapey. George needs to drug a woman to get in her pants. He cannot have her do what he wants when she is fully conscious and in charge of her own body. The very definition of rapist, nothing to say of his skewered views on relationships so far.

    This is making me full of rage because of course, instead of talking about the very obvious drugging and not allowing a woman to give her consent on sex, we are now supposed to go backwards and slut-shame her. I mean, if she didn’t want to be drugged and raped, she shouldn’t have gone to this guy’s home expecting the same sex they had last time.

    Also, here in the land of eternal cold (Canada), we had our own public debate on BDSM and consent. Google Jian Gomeshi; we learned that all those in the BDSM community INSIST on consent for everything beforehand, and that anything else is just plain wrong and would have your access to the community revoked. Because consent between adults is of utmost importance when it comes to trusting your safety in role or hard core play.


    1. Thank you! People comment like anything going to happen to her, is her own fault. It’s one thing, interested in having sex with a guy. It’s a whole other level when the guy gives her what seems to be a neuro drug without her consent.
      So if a girl goes to a bar, any guy has the right to drug her and do what they want with her?


      1. Well of course! When a woman dares to go out if the house on her own, smile, dance, drink, eat, walk, show her hair, her eyes, her face, shouldn’t men lose all control and rape her?

        I mean, who the fuck is she to believe sex for women, by their own choice and will, is not punishable by rape!

        End of snark.

        And that is what’s so frustrating, no matter how much we fight to have the value of our humanity recognized equally, people still seek to degrade it and make a woman’s choice of embracing her sexuality as reason enough to teach her a lesson and put her back in her place covered in shame and meek.

        Not sure I should proceed this morning but thank you for your refreshing comment and steering clear of slut-shaming and excusing rape.


  7. I love this story very very much, you make me so curious after I read the first chapter of this story! But please update sooon! But please make taebong notice that something wrong with that wanker!!!! Oh my god I can feel how Jang-mi loves taebong so much!


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