A Shortie but a Goodie – Chapter 42

Short chapter this week. Potentially rage-inducing. Proceed with caution.


33 thoughts on “A Shortie but a Goodie – Chapter 42

  1. Please taebong save Jang-mi please please please! Why didn’t you make saeyong and those pervert guy george?! I hate him! Please make Jang-mi and Taebong


  2. In front of this man… was I masturbating…? While fingering my ass….? Okay letยดs get started ๐Ÿ˜€
    But she might as well leave… but I doubt it. And Taebong evolves to a beast. I found it really funny this chaper ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for the fast update.


    1. Thank god she wake up, so embarrassed but what she will do next is unpredictable
      What is the meaning when George putting a mirror and watching her masturbate
      Will they have sex or just talk :))) I prefer sex :))
      At least Taebong admitted with himself that his slap or even finger job is just what he cannot do with Jangmi…poor Saeyong ( her ass is awesome)


  3. so taebong has dominating fantasies. That’s actually normal. Atleast he isn’t a complete cuckold. He wants to dominate as well, but cares about the girl to force it. That’s how it should be. He took the consent of the girl. Unlike George who drugs, rapes, cheats etc etc. Just have some more confidence my man


  4. Aside from the story, is anyone else noticing the change in art quality?

    Not that its bad or anything, but things like Jang-Mi’s nipples in this and especially last chapter look so weird now. In early chapters (ch.1-20) they were drawn so much smoother and with lighter pink and basically looked like the “real” thing. Same goes for the flashback and Taebongs Ex’s nips….

    Now they not only keep changing sizes each panel but they look like she underwent surgery or something. As if they reattached some fake things ontop that are way to dark for her complexion and dont have any transition to the actual surrounding skin (not sure how to describe that in english).

    Kind of a letdown, i prefer the smoother artstyle over these typical cartoonish nipples anytime ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  5. Thank you again for the awesome translation!

    This chapter has left me a bit conflicted about Saeyong. I understand she’s had a crush on Taebong for the longest time, but this “do ANYTHING to me” irks me, and makes me want to take her aside and have a talk about self-respect.

    But then again, I have to acknowledge that it is HER choice. She is a true masochist, a willing slave who seems to be enjoying the rough play. Also, she’s kinda topping from the bottom: Always very aware of Taebong’s desires no matter how he tries to hide them, she pushed him into spanking her, and she demands he satisfies her and how exactly he goes about it. I like her, and feel bad because we are witnessing the man she loves always thinking about another woman. She deserves better. Every woman does!

    And then there is George. Muthehfucking George. I hate this guy with a passion (proof the artist is great at translating sleazy). And I very honestly do not want to see George having anal with Jan-Mi. I feel it is heading there and I’d rather not. However, I am all for Jan-Mi fisting George…

    Jan-Mi needs to take her shit and run out of there. There are other ways to experiencing your BDSM side than having to go through George… or George rather going through you. Ew Ew Ew ewewewew.


      1. Unfortunately I don’t. The scanlation team get their scans I believe in Korean from an unknown source, and are generous enough to give us a translated version, I have no idea if the artist’s name is translated somewhere – which would help with a quick search.

        Also, I hope I’m not misleading you, I believe the drawing is mostly computer generated, which lends the latest Korean manwhas a better quality and sexier feel.


  6. Lmao the rage is just too funny to watch. The MCs are just merely friends at this point thus they can do
    whatever they want, it’s not like they are dating each other or anything. Both of them are not bound to
    anyone. Tbh, the one you guys should get mad at is the male mc…like all he needs to do is to make his moves
    on her and she’s his…but he’s having the blue haired instead. So if you want the mcs end together, the male
    mc has to step it up lol.

    BTW i think i like gergous, he knows how to kung fu man,”brb getting my flame shield” lol.
    On a serious note, Jangmi is a tsundere while taebong is messing around and doesn’t really know his feelings.
    Taebong needs to make up his mind fast.


    1. Yea, unfortunately, as of February 20th, the translator, Eugene, has been offered the opportunity of becoming a global pimp, and ergo, has no more free time to provide translations. If you wish to get more translations, consider commenting “Eugene-nim, please grant this humble reader your divine and righteous translation though I may never be worthy of such epic narration for such a wonderful series”. This however, does not guarentee a translation, but it will be a step towards getting english translations.


  7. Just read chapter 44. Good job to Jang mi for rejecting George. Love how he look when things not going his way but looks like he is not going to just let it go. Jang mi finally remembering all the good about Taebong. Come on Taebong, ur turn to do something.


  8. โ€œEugene-nim, please grant this humble reader your divine and righteous translation though I may never be worthy of such epic narration for such a wonderful series


  9. Hi @chloeponi just wanna ask if you will still continue to translate H-Mate since you are behind 3 chapters now since the lastest chapter is chapter 45??but if you are just busy and still will continue then that’s fine we can wait as long as we know that you are still continuing it tnx ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. hello, I heard that one of the reasons behind LEC’s inactivity (on translating more H-Mates) is because of Eugene’s notebook/laptop tragedy (“E” from LEC) < well, it got spilled over by some juice and that's why his TL-ing activities are being forced to cease recently

      so now, he needs the help from some of you who might be willing to sincerely give some donations (and those donations refer mainly to money) on (URL) https://gameofscanlation.moe/donations/eugenes-laptop-repair-fundraiser.5/campaign

      I'm here just to convey the "seek-of-helps-message" and not planning, by no means at all, on compelling you to donate "kindness" to him
      -thank you very much for your time-


  10. EDIT: now you can donate only for them (LEC group) through the main-page of this blog so no need for another-website-link just to donate your kindness

    just click the “DONATE” button, but I’m not compelling everyone to give donations so don’t get me wrong << and yes, those donations will also partially go towards Eugene's laptop

    -have a nice day-


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