Hello, It’s Me

I was wondering after all these weeks you’d like to read

Some more… H-Mate…

I thought that I had Photoshop

But then my trial ran out.


Hello, can you hear me

I’m Photoshop-less dreaming about when we had it

When we were younger, and reading.

I’ve forgotten how to rage at George and Jang-Mi.


But now I need some help getting Photoshop

And Eugene needs some too.


Hello from Eugene and Chloeeeeeeeee

We really need your help right nowwwwww

To tell you, we’re sorry, but Eugene spilled juice on his laptop

And we’re kind of in needs of donations.


Hello from Eugene and Chloeeeeeeeee

At least we can say that we’ve tried

To tell you, we’re sorry, for breaking your heart

But to continue, we humbly ask for donations.


Hello, how are you?

I clean and TS for Yomanga as well so donating would help out there too

I hope, that you’re well

And that you always find some ero-toon to keep you entertained.


It’s no secret that Eugene and I

Are in need of some donations.




Okay, sorry guys for my bad attempt at ruining Adele for you… I thought the song was appropriate for this situation. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it guys?

So I had originally thought that I had cracked Photoshop’s trial version, but after about 4 months of using it, I lost it. I am able to get a student discount for Photoshop for $10 a month, but I humbly ask if my readers could help me out by donating. I’ve also done a few series for YoManga as well (namely Brawling Go, Drug Candy, and Seduction), so if I get Photoshop, I’ll be able to do those series as well in a quick manner!

Another issue we had come up recently was Eugene’s laptop that he uses for translating recently suffered a lot of water damage, and his repair bill is quite high. Anything leftover this month will go to helping him to repair his laptop.

We’re both so sorry for these delays in releases. If you could help us out by donating (using the button on the right sidebar) we would be so grateful. Thanks you for reading this and have a great day!





12 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me

  1. if u want u can email me, i can help u out with the photoshop side of things. old version but working one(Master Collection CS6 i think).


  2. I am on business trip right now, so I’ll donate this weekend
    Just little amount money but it could help this series keep going :3


  3. Pretty fkin stupid way to ask money , either way just say that u need money or no H-mate lol . and no need to be embarrassed or anything its your right , H-Mate is a good hmanga and even though the story is hmm well u know wierd but still ppl like it cuz of its art mostly. so u guys deserve it just ask it straight forward instead of doing this.


  4. so the only comments you like are posted here, fk you , even if you display this comment you wouldnt display my prev ones so yeah fk off. filtering posts as you like way to go.


  5. How much do you guys need exactly? 10 a month? My income is limited so I need to be sure on how much I allocate to you guys. Please respond as well so I still know you guys are still active since it’s been a little under two weeks since we last heard from you so I know the money won’t go to waste 😦


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