End of the Road

Hey guys, so the reason that we’ve been delayed is that Eugene took a turn for the worst. A few weeks ago, he tore the meniscus in his knee, and he will be taking a break from translating duties. We had hoped that something could have been worked out, but unfortunately, his health comes first.

Thank you to everyone who remembered us and donated. However, because the two of us will no longer be working on H-Mate on this site, we would like to return the donation money you all have sent in. As of 10 minutes ago, I have declined all donations that we have received.

But good news! Maester Aemon of Game of Scanlation is picking up this series on http://www.gos.moe. Please go there to read chapters 34+.

From that time when we were just posting things on my imgur to now, with wordpress, it’s been a great ride. Thanks to the people who were (mostly) polite and eager readers. Have fun reading the rest!


9 thoughts on “End of the Road

  1. thank you for your hardworks all this time

    but hey, it’s not like it is the end, we could always have some chat on GOS (if we’re lucky enough to encounter each one on the chat room though)

    we all really appreciate what you’ve done for us (and also for Eugene – GWS on both your knee and your notebook)


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